Cute Pins in my Etsy Shop!

  • Teeny tiny Paul on a pin. I want to make another one and turn them into earrings.
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  • Last night we had a fun family night out! That never happens now that the kids are practically grown. Paul and I took all 4 kids plus Mallory's bf to see a reunion show of the OG members of @flobotsmusic celebrating the 10th anniversary of Denver's @youthonrecord, a nonprofit that benefits at-risk youth by empowering them through music. This was so special for me to share with our kids. When Flobots first album came out, I was really struggling with 2 sets of twins. We were just learning how to advocate for our autistic son Pablo who was in kindergarten but not verbal yet. And for whatever reason, the cadence of Handlebars really resonated with Pablo. It always calmed him down and I played that record all the time. How far we've all come in 10 years! ❤❤❤ #flobots #youthonrecord #flobotsreunion #nostalgiaoverload #autismmom
  • Cute little custom pins for my favorite #beertender Kai at @comradebrewing I think next time I'm gonna make a charm bracelet! #pinstagram #pinlover #pincollection #acrylicpins #handdrawn #lapelpins #madewithlove #beerpins
  • I saw this somewhere and was so touched by it - such an important thing for autistic people to hear: you are important to us. So much of Pablo's life is spent trying so hard to integrate into normal situations with regular kids. Can you imagine what it must be like to hear over and over again that you annoy and distract others with sounds and movements you can't control? Or to walk around for 5 minutes trying to find someone to sit with at lunch? Or never realizing the people you think are friends are actually laughing at you? Pablo and other autistic kids are actually more similar to you than you think. Many thanks and much love to all the kids who make Pablo feel accepted and wanted. Your kindness never goes unnoticed! ❤ #autismmom #youmatter
  • Choir concert round 2, Mallory's  turn! Bella Voce suits her beautifully.
  • 1st choir concert last night for Pablo - here he is clowning with his buddy Sam afterward. Wish I would have been quick enough to get a picture of him with his shirt tucked in and his tie on! They all looked and sounded so great! Tonight: Mallory's concert!
  • People crying about how awful candy corn is when black licorice exists. #nope
  • I know I've posted this pic before, but it came up in Timehop again. Probably my favorite picture of my daughter and son-in-law. They are so precious to me! Love fall, love pumpkin patches, love band t-shirts, love them!!