Heed my warning, people.

My friends think I’m weird because I always wear shoes. I put my shoes on when I get up, and I don’t take them off until I go to bed. I never walk around barefoot. I have foot issues, and my feet are very unhappy when I walk around without shoes on.

Tuesday night, however, I didn’t have my damn shoes on. Pauly and I were in our cozy bed, watching an old episode of Mission Impossible (my guilty pleasure – LOVE old school TV shows) and I decided to let the dog out to pee. I was heading downstairs in my PJs and socks, and one of my feet slipped. I went ass-over-teakettle down the stairs, folding up a knee behind me and landing in a heap on my shoulder. It was the most sucktacular experience I’ve had in years.

The days since then have been spent in mofo crazy pain. The x-rays I had at the ER seemed to show a torn ACL. After seeing an orthopedic specialist, it sounds more like a piece of the bone in my knee was ripped away, in what is apparently known as a Tibial Spine Fracture. Tomorrow, I’m having an MRI done, which should show exactly how many ways I have f’d up my knee, and what my next step will be.

I don’t know what is in store for me – possibly surgery. For now, life is sucking a fat one! For me, and everyone else in my house. Mama pretty much runs the show, you know. My teenager has had to take several days off from school, and my hubby has been home as well, catering to my every whim. Most of my whims have included popping painkillers and weeping. Also, field trips from my bed to the bathroom, via wheelchair.

As much as I am suffering, I can’t stop smiling because my friends and neighbors have showered us with kindness – and food! A friend recommended a site called Take Them A Meal, which organizes everything beautifully. Back in the day when I was heavily involved in a moms of multiples group, we could have used something like this. I love technology. And food I didn’t have to cook!

Anybody have any advice for me, for how to recover from a devastating knee injury? Lay it on me. And don’t run down your stairs in socks!



  1. Daria says:

    Oh no!  I can only hope for a speedy recovery.  Totally sucktacular.  (btw I am absolutely using that word from now on 🙂 

    1. hellraiser says:

      It just WORKS, doesn’t it? Thanks for the well wishes.

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